Weight Watcher

Norwegian invention saves snow-loaded roofs with solar panels

This is the Weight Watcher

Heavy snow can be a danger to weak roof structures, but with new technology, snow on roofs can be melted away using solar panels. The Norwegian invention WeightWatcher monitors the snow weight on solar panels. If it will be too heavily the panels are heated up and melt the snow. Solar cells on the roof thus generate not only energy but can also help with snow removal for increased safety. 

Due to climate change, an increase in heavy snowfall is being seen in short periods of time rather than stable snowfall over time. This will increase the need to protect roofs that cannot withstand heavy loads. In Norway, WeightWatcher has been used since 2017 at over 30.000m2 of roofs and now the invention comes to Sweden and further out to snowy parts of Europe.

WeightWatcher measures the snow load on the solar panels. The built-in snow weight monitor triggers an alarm when the load exceeds the defined limit, and energy is connected to the solar panels to melt the snow. Water from the melted snow flows down from the ceiling through ordinary drains.

Reduced cost & risk

Our smart invention

Helps the solar panel

The WeightWatcher also helps solar panels, that have become snow-free, to start producing solar energy again and then compensates for the energy used for snow melt. In addition, the cost of snow removal is reduced. The risks involved climbing on roofs disappear when no manual work is required.

WeightWatcher also makes it possible to install solar panels on older, weaker roofs. Commercial buildings built before 1970 often have roof structures that can not withstand snowfall of over 150 kg per square meter. Heavy snow loads combined with existing solar panel installations can weaken roofs and lead to potential collapse. WeightWatcher becomes an insurance against this as it both controls load from snow and makes sure to melt it off before it gets too heavy.

Partners, agents and distributors

In Norway, WeightWatcher is distributed and sold by Innos AS sister company Fusen AS, which has been offering energy-efficient solutions to companies, industries and housing associations for almost twenty years. Now the WeightWatcher seeks its way out to other parts of the snowy parts of the world through other partners, agents and distributors.

Recently a di
stribution agreement for the WeightWatcher was developed with one of the pioneers and PV-market leaders in Sweden, SwedeEnergy AB. Rickard Lantz is sales manager at SwedeEnergy. He believes that there will be great interest in WeightWatcher in the Swedish market:

“WeightWatcher means that roofs that we would have previously advised customers from installing solar panels on can now be used to extract solar energy. In addition, we see an opportunity for our customers to save large sums of money on snow removal.”

WeightWatcher facts

  • Melts about 2 kg of snow per sqm/h.
  • Do not destroy the coating of the roofs with shovels and snowblowers.
  • Saves money and eliminates dangerous work with shoveling of roofs.
  • Helps companies with weak roof structures.

Citycon Shopping centre Down Town

When built2019
Number of modules3670 pcs
Module power1138 kw
WW-power460 kw

System equipped with total heat cable drainage optimization partly with integrated heating in roof material. Weight and temperature control system combined with an energy saving control system integrated to the facility management system

Normal Heat

ROAF Recycling facility

When built2019
Number of modules758 pcs
Module power371 kw
WW-power220 kw

System equipped with weight and temperature control. PV-strings separated in a distributed switch system. Prepared for future optional expansion.

ASKO Central Storage B9

When built2017
Number of modules720 pcs
Module power200 kw
WW-power200 kw

Module installation built with Innos Blue 270W CO2 neutral PV-modules. Lowest CO2 footprint in the market. System equipped with total heat cable drainage optimization heat cable drainage optimization. Weight and temperature control system integrated to facility management system.

ASKO Central Storage NK 22

When built2018
Number of modules2708 pcs
Module power813 kw
WW-power465 kw

Module installation built with Innos BlackPower 300W CO2 neutral PV-modules. Lowest CO2 footprint in the market. Weight and temperature control system integrated to facility management system.

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