Weight Watcher at Down Town shopping center

Weight Watcher integration Down Town shopping centre
Turn key delivery, together with Fusen AS, of 1100kW PV-installation with integrated Weight Watcher snow load control and roof integrated heating system. Energy management control with total facility management integration.

Trashcan application Namdal

PV-power energizing compressing containers. A very modern, underground waste facilities that are well suited for source sorting. In addition, the system has a modern eye-catching design that contributes to a clean and tidy outdoor environment.

BIPV frontage Kiwi

BIPV facade Kiwi Dahlgård Trondheim
Turn key delivery, together with Fusen AS, of 96 different black PV-module element installed in a esthetical optimised pattern where the clouds in the sky mirrors in the facade. Flat installation with concealed fixation points.


Restoration of façade municipality house.
Innos Hold modules optimized, and certified, for facade installations delivers a modern aesthetic , and at the same time cost effective, facade solution as over the years deliver the investment back in produced solar energy.

Weight Watcher Projects

Citycon Shopping center Down Town

When built2019
Number of modules3670 pcs
Module power1138 kw
WW-power460 kw

Heat cable drainage optimization. Integrated heating in roof material. Weight control system. Energy saving control system

Normal Heat

ROAF Recycling facility

When built2019
Number of modules758 pcs
Module power371 kw
WW-power220 kw

Weight control system, separated switch system, option preparation

ASKO Central Storage B9

When built2017
Number of modules720 pcs
Module power200 kw
WW-power200 kw

Innos Blue CO2 neutral PV-modules, heat cable drainage optimization. Weight control system

ASKO Central Storage NK 22

When built2018
Number of modules2708 pcs
Module power813 kw
WW-power465 kw

Innos BlackPower CO2 neutral PV-modules, Weight control system, facility management integration

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